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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is Quality?
A) Having a high degree of excellence.

Far too often in todays society, companies forget the importance of Quality - yet it is quality of service that can make a company stand out from the crowd.

That is Calido's intention, to stand out from the crowd in excellence.

Q) What is Client/Server?
A) In short, client/Server is a term used to describe computational architecture involving client processes requesting information from server processes.

The term Client/Server was first used in the 1980's to describe client machines accessing data from a server. Later, the client server architecture grew in acceptance as a modular infrastructure aimed at improving the usability, flexability and scalability of software systems.

Software systems using a client/server architecture should reduce the network traffic (by only sending the required information to the clients) as well as provide a more stable, durable software package as a whole.

Q) What is Activity Based Costing?
A) Activity Based Costing (ABC) is the concept of measuring the cost and performance of the organization that is based on the activities which are used in producing its outputs.

ABC differs from traditional cost accounting techniques in that it accounts for all "fixed" and direct costs as variables, without allocating costs based upon a customer's unit volume, total days in production or percentage of indirect costs.

Q) How much does Comet cost?
A) Comet is a subscription product - you pay to use the product for a period of time (like cable television). The yearly subscription charge includes free telephone support and is dependant on the number of users accessing the software.

This costing method bring affordability of production management software to all manufacturing companies. If you would like more detailed information on how you can get up and running with Comet, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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