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ADSL Broadband
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ADSL Broadband

ADSL broadband is becoming more and more prevalent - and for good reason.

Dialup plans cost anywhere between $10 to $35 per month excluding dial in costs. An average surfer could dial in up to 40 times per month at a cost of ~$10. Automatically you are up for a minimum of say $20 per month.

Why Broadband?

Broadband plans often start from as little as $20 per month with always on connectivity. Other advantages include:
  • Broadband keeps your phone line free - no second line rental, no busy signals
  • No more dialup costs - ADSL is permanently available, no need to dialup, no monthly bill for the local call costs
  • The internet is always on, your machines are protected behind a secure firewall (hardware required)
  • ADSL is up to 30 times faster than dialup - a 10 MB file can take 55 seconds to download, compared to 25 minutes on dialup
Which provider?

In general, we have found it to be cheaper to go with your nominated phone line carrier. If you are with Telstra for your phone lines, check out Bigpond, if you are with Optus, check out Optus.

Your phone line carrier will often include discounts such as 50 free local calls (value ~$15 per month), discounted monthly ADSL connection costs and even 5 to 10% discount off your phone account. These savings alone can sometimes pay the entire monthly cost of having ADSL!

Before connecting with any provider, we recommend the online broadband community Whirlpool as a great source of information. Check out what people are saying about your new carrier using their forums functionality.

How do I install it, secure it?

Calido can provide assistance with your ADSL installation so that you remain securely connected behind a hardware firewall. Contact us anytime to discuss your internet connection needs.

Need an ADSL connection, check out your existing phone line companies "all in one" packages.